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Hytera TF515 PMR446 vysílačky, modré
2 065 Kč bez DPH
2 499 Kč

Have the freedom to explore when you're in touch anywhere. The Push2Talk TF5 is ideal for those looking for a little more from their walkie-talkie....

Kód: AG-HYT0003
Hytera TF415 PMR446 vysílačky, modré
1 652 Kč bez DPH
1 999 Kč

Enjoy the great outdoors when you're in touch anywhere. The Push2Talk TF4 is the walkie-talkie companion for all the family. Simple to use, compact...

Kód: AG-HYT0002
Hytera TF315 PMR446 vysílačky, žluté
1 074 Kč bez DPH
1 300 Kč

Let your imagination run wild when you're in touch anywhere Designed for children and first time users, the Push2Talk TF3 is the walkie-talkie...

Kód: AG-HYT0001
3 628 Kč bez DPH
4 390 Kč

The Hytera BD305LF is a compact DMR licence free two-way radio. Simple, robust, clear-voice Today, communication tools are the key to improved...

Kód: AG-HYT0004

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